Friday, 18 March 2011

What's a 'port of calardar'?

I love it when I'm in the motherland and you see non Greek tourists that are making their best efforts to speak the language and be Greek. Greeks love it when people try and speak in our language and we will also help them out and encourage them, which is nice enen!

Although we love it, it does sound pretty funny at times! I remember being at a restaurant when I was a kid enjoying my kalamari, when I heard some Englezes at the next table making their order. When it came to ordering their drinks I heard the man say "I would like a port of calardar". I was like, what on earth is a port of calardar? The waiter didn't seem to have any issues understanding him, as he scribbles down on his pad and whisked himself off to get the order. We were all trying to work it out for ages yet we just couldn't figure it out! The waiter didn't seem to have a problem though, as he soon returned with an Orange Fanta... Yep, the man had ordered a "portokalada"!!!!!

I still can't help chuckling to myself when I hear people greeting us with their "carleemeraah"and ordering "tararmarsarlartarrrrr", "harlouuumeee" and "calarmareeee"!  

Oh, and just so the non Greeks don't feel so self conscious about speaking in Greek, don't worry - people who were not brought up in Greece or Cyprus are most likely to have their own funny accent that the 'natives' also take the mick out of too! 

They still love everyone for trying though!

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