Thursday, 3 March 2011

Greek Hypochondriacs!

Greeks are notorious for being major hypochondriacs... They are obsessed with doctors, pills, medicines - you name it they take it!

Any sign of an illness or symptom of anything then it isn't just ignored. There's a whole protocol of things that a Greek does:

1) Run straight to a Greek doctor or anyone who has access to a pharmacy. They might well be a family friend, or have grown up in your family's village. The doctor will throw at you a variety of pills and medicines to take (and chuck in a few extra doses, ya know, because you're a "family friend")


2) Your yiayia or papou might diagnose you themselves and hand you some extra pills that have kept stashed away. "erm, yiayia, these are prescribed especially for you. are you sure it's safe for me to take them?" "En pirazi agapi mou, take them!"

3) No matter how small the illness, you will undoubtedly get pampered by your mother and yiayia until you are nursed back to full health. That means lovely avgolemono soup...

(Greeks seem to think that is a miracle meal) and for your tummy aches you will probably be forced to drink glikaniso too! This is a herbal tea that personally, I despise drinking but damn, it works! Although I have to drink mine with some honey if there is any chance of me finishing even half a mug full of it...

3) And finally, if all else fails there is the miracle drink, Zivania. Yes, it's an alcoholic spirit, but in Greek homes, it is used as a remedy for everything. You got a belly ache? Rub zivania onto your stomach. You not feeling too good? Take a swig and drink it (any excuse to drink, eh?)

Yes, Greeks are slightly paranoid when it comes to illnesses, but don't worry they are also the ones who have all the cures for them! Who needs a doctor anyway? Greeks invented medicine.



  1. Hillarious post!How about,that when you are complaining for sth (headache etc) your mother and yiayia,knows exactly what caused it?
    Or the fact,that when Greeks are in a social gathering,ilness is one of their favorite topics after social news?Just name a symptom and half of them will tell you,that they had it too but from a different cause?

  2. Thanks for your comment! Oh you are so right, the moaning and arguing over who has it worse, deserves a post of its own... Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Don't mention!I have a flue.So my grandma thought it would be ok,if she fed me with a bunch of pill and cough syrop.On the other room,my aunt and my mother were fighting which one whould be worst IF they got the flue.Go figure...God,i love my Greek family :-D

  4. Haha very typical! Well, perastika sou and thanks again for taking the time to comment!

  5. This is like reading about me and my family! I over react to everything and ring my yiayia in cyprus to ask her opinion! haha

  6. I am Greek. Never heard of a greek home that has "Zivania". Never saw it. Actually it is from Cyprus so not really in every Greek home.

    1. Exactly! Plus every greek speaking Cypriot I've met define themselves as Cypriot and not Greek!


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