Sunday, 13 March 2011

BBQs Greek Style!

Sunday is the reader's choice blog! Seeing as it was a tie between 3 things in the poll this week, I decided to pick one of them myself, so this week is food - specifically BBQs!


The way Greeks do their BBQs are rather unique. Usually, it is a Sunday tradition; whatever the weather! Greeks make sure they have the best BBQs out there on the market (and often have quite a few different ones!)

Although women generally do most of the cooking in the house, when it comes to the BBQ the men take over. They get the meat from their butcher friend, stab the meat with the skewers, and cook them over the coal in the garden. (The women are still expected to take care of the rest of the food though!)

Generally, there is a minimum of 20 people invited over for a BBQ. The women are fussing around helping to prepare the food whilst having a good old gossip, and all the men are in their own zone out in the garden by the BBQ in which no woman is to enter!

The men will slice small chunks of meat off the grill as it's cooking (that's when it tastes the best!) and the men will have their little private starters whilst having their own gossip about life in the village. You will notice that the host will also have his cloth flipped over his shoulder for the whole duration of the BBQ as well!

There is so much more to say, so I will come back to the wonder of the Greek BBQ in a future post! If you are having a BBQ today, enjoy it!

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