Sunday, 20 March 2011

Greek Mannerisms

The Sunday Reader's choice post for today is on Greek Mannerisms! That's the actions that Greeks do that make them easily identifiable! 

So let's start with greetings. When Greeks greet one another, it is usually with a double kiss cheek.

Sometimes it can be very loud with everyone fussing and kissing and hugging all at once! The guys tend do be fans of the "manly hand shake" though, which usually involves the arm scooping outwards from the body and then slamming back in to meet the guest's hand with force, followed by a firm shake! Sometimes, this is done with a loud "elaaaaaa re!" as well.

Everyone is familiar with the "middle finger" as an insult, but Greeks also get offended if you dare push your palm out directing at someone's face - the moutza! NA!

This can be given at any time, maybe when Greeks are arguing and have had enough of the conversation "na!" or when someone cuts you up when you are driving "na!". If you're really mad, there is always the double moutza...


Finally, for now anyway, I will leave you with the typical Greek "no". Sure, the word is actually "oxi" but Greeks tend to just tip their head back and make a click nose on the roof of their mouth. Usually in a slow motion too! It is so hard to describe, and I can't find any videos on it - but if you've seen it you will know exactly what I mean!

More of these to come soon!

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