Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Greeks - so spittin' superstitious!

Greeks are so superstitious! You are basically born into it and it is ingrained in you throughout your life... so you don't have a choice in the matter!

As soon as a Greek is born, their nappy is pinned with a cross and evil eye to protect them. 

If anyone gives you any kind of compliment, especially around your yiayia or mother, you will suddenly hear "xxxxxxxxaaaaa toouu toouu toouuuuuuuuu" as they spit all over you to protect you from being cursed... whatever age you are! Seriously.

Greeks believe (and think carefully about whether this has ever happened to you before you laugh) that if you are complimented on something, then the evil eye will 'get you'. For example "oh you have such lovely clear skin" then suddenly you wake up the next day with a volcano ready to erupt on your nose... or "wow that's a nice top" then you spill something on it or it rips? If you haven't noticed it before, look out for it - you will get spooked out and learn to not be too keen on compliments for the fear of the evil eye!!!!!!

But it's OK as if you are Greek, you are no doubt armed and ready with your cross and your own 'evil eye' charm around your neck to protect you!

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