Friday, 11 March 2011

Greek 'snacks'

So when you normally want a 'snack' what do you go for? Bag of crisps? Cereal bar? Biscuits? Some fruit?

Not if you're Greek you don't!

Maybe you're just watching TV, maybe you're being looked after at someone's house, maybe you're at a restaurant or wondering the Greek streets. There will be food present, duh, but the kind of things Greeks have as 'snacks' are very different than the conventional snacks!

For example, my favourite things to get when in the motherland, is corn on the cob! You see vendors in the streets who cook it and slather it in butter ready for you within minutes! (kind of like how pretzels are sold in New York, or how honey roasted nuts are sold in London - Plus they're much healthier!)

When at someone's home or at a restaurant I particularly enjoy having hummus and pitta bread with my meal or as a light starter snack. I think I can find an excuse to eat pitta and hummus with everything, I love it!

It's also great with munching on some veggie sticks as well. (Cor, we are a healthy bunch, aren't we! No wonder we age so well...)

No Greek snacking is complete without the lovely olives. (Now that's another reason for our great skin) Oh, and you have to eat them properly. That means eating the ones WITH the pips (not that tinned rubbish) and then spitting the pip out into your fist like a true Greek! 

OK, I don't want to deceive you, we are not always eating healthy like that! There are plenty of sweet things on the menu to snack on! Far too many to mention in one post, but here are a couple.

Yogurt and honey. Oh my goodness me, this is amazing. Especially when it is sprinkled with nuts. If you haven't tried this, I recommend you do immediately! Oh wait, that's still pretty healthy isn't it? OK let's have some deep fried sweetness to finish things off:

Loukoumades. They are something else... In fact, I'm interested in how you would describe these lovely delights to someone. If you have tried these, then put your description below and let us know what you think of them!


  1. Loukoumades are like doughnut holes, but way oilier and usually coated in honey or sugar syurp with toppings like sesame seeds, powdered sugar or crushed nuts. They are very heavy and filling; one or two is enough for me but they are usually served in heaping plates.

    Sadly, modern Greeks eat way too much oil, white bread, and sugar. Greece is one of the fattest countries in the world, and obesity is a serious problem there especially in children. So please lay off the Loukoumades!

    1. Can you recommend something healtthy to eat at work I am a concreter and I need something nutritious and fast to make?

    2. Well most of the snacks mentioned in this article are healthy...? How about a nice pitta sandwich?

  2. In Greece we do love pitas for snacks! and of course anything made by mama or yiayia!


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