Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ways to offend a Greek...

There are some sure fire ways to really offend a Greek person, and I'm not just talking about general things that everyone gets offended with, like someone stealing your parking space or someone telling you that you look fat... I'm talking about things that you wouldn't even think would be that bad, but to a Greek, it's a different story.

So a common one which many people fall into - is either not finishing your meal or not taking seconds.

That's right. If someone cooked for you (this could be a stranger at a restaurant or it could be your own family) and you to dare refuse to eat their food until it is all gone, then as far as they are concerned, you hated what they made for you, and that is really offensive. No matter how much you express how delicious it was, if there is any food left on your plate, they will quiz you on why you are refusing to eat their food, why you don't want seconds, what was wrong with it etc. Want some advice? Just keep eating... keep eating until there is nothing left.

Another offensive thing is to blatantly mispronounce a Greek's surname. 
Sure, some of our names can be hard to pronounce for a xeni, we get that. But when someone really takes the mick and makes a comment like "oh that Greek person, you know Chris Papadopolopodopolapolopogous.. or whatever their name is..." then it's a sure fire way to really offend a Greek. As crazy as our names are, we are strangely proud of them, so you no take-a the piss-a, ok?

Finally (for now) imagine this. You are sitting with a big loud Greek family all getting ready for a massive feast. You nab some potatoes, you grab some nice salad, you put a dollop of hummus on the plate and snatch up some pitta bread. The host then comes at you with a glorious, juicy, freshly barbecued bowl of meat...

...they smile at you pushing the dish in your face saying "fae fae" waiting for you to choose your favourite piece from the bowl that they have spent all day preparing for you... best way to annoy a Greek at this point? 

Tell them you're a vegetarian.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha!

  2. You are perfect! I am greek ,you are so right!
    Great job thank you!

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