Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Greeks and their 'valuable' ornaments

Greeks are notorious for having lots of knick knacks and ornaments decorating their homes.

ancient pottery
The collection keeps building as Greeks never get rid of anything in the belief that they will be worth a lot of money one day! It's kind of like an investment which also tells a story, as the ornaments can be symbolic of memories.

Ornaments are actually often passed down to family; you will find generations of antiques with great sentimental value, but then... you will also find tacky crap that isn't worth anything but your family are convinced that one day, it will be!

In fact, being a kid at your grandparents house was like being in a museum! I used to go off exploring and come across all sorts of weird and wonderful things! Of course, we were never allowed to touch anything, but sometimes it was just so tempting...! 

Also, if you were really lucky, your yiayia or papou might spot that you seem to always have your eye on something in particular, and they may even give it to you take home, that always makes you feel special! That happens to me, even now! Obviously, the older you get the more you seem to be attracted to more valuable items...!

What weird and wonderful things do you have lying about your house?

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