Monday, 21 March 2011

Greek mannerisms at the table

So when Greeks are around the table, there are a few mannerisms that make them stand out from the rest. Besides the sheer volume and arms reaching across the table grabbing loads of food at once, there are a few little things that Greek are known to do.

To do a big "cheers" together, everyone must have their glass topped up and shout "stin igia mas" which means 'to our health'. Much better than 'cheers' isn't it? Also, you can generally start eating whenever you want, you don't have to just sit there waiting until everyone is ready before you can begin!

If the man has been involved in the meal for any reason (most likely if there is souvla involved...) then he will probably have a towel thrown over his shoulder throughout the entire meal, and he will use his special towel to wipe his mouth and hands (as it is likely he will ignore the cutlery and just dig in) He will undoubtedly want more salt as well.

Even if plenty has already been added to the food during cooking, he will want more. It's a Greek thing... he may gesture to the females at the table who will quickly grab the 'alas' for him so he can begin shaking it over his food in a proud Greek manner.

If eating olives with the meal, you will notice Greeks like to throw the whole olive in their mouths and then spit out the pips into their fist..
None of this dainty, discreet pip removing action, nope, we like a big old "touuuu" into the fist! Nice. Greeks, also have no problem stealing food from other peoples' plates (especially if it's close family).
Finally, remember you gotta eat fast as Greeks like to wolf it down! If not, you'll be left slowly chewing your patates on your own whilst everyone is eagerly waiting for their kafe and baklava!

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