Friday, 28 October 2011

Greek Glossary

Right, this is for all my special "3eni" readers and maybe even for the Greeks whose parents never forced their kids to go Greek school (shame on them!)

I am aware I throw in the odd Greek word in my posts and I feel it would be best to include a little glossary that you can refer back to, to help you follow along and impress your mates with your Greek-abulary. Also if you feel I have left out some vital words then please comment below and I will update this post regularly with new additions to keep this up to date!

OK so here we go:

3eni = (pronounced kseni) foreigners/non Greeks
Ade = let's go
Agapi = darling/love
Antropi = rude
Bouzoukia = an all night party with Greek music and drinking
Bravo = well done
Enen = isn't it
Fae = eat
Frappe = iced coffee
Gambro = husband
Icones = religious icons
Kapira = translated means toast. But can be used to mean plain, boring
Koukla = gorgeous girl
Koumera = best woman (what brides and best women call each other after the wedding)
Koumparo = best man (see above)
Levendis = gorgeous guy
Mafiozo = mafia member (most likely your family)
Malakas = idiot
Mangas = cool guy
Mati = evil eye
Mikakon = God forbid
Mish / mishimou = yeah right (sarcasm)
Nifi = wife
Opa = wahey!
Pantofla = slipper (usually worn by yiayias)
Pappou = granddad
Poushtis = gay boy
Poutana = whore
Poutos = p***y 
Ptu ptu ptu = spitting to avoid the 'mati'
Re = an informal/rude way of calling someone 
Skase = shut up
Stavro = cross
Tempela = lazy girl
Tempelos = lazy guy
Thea = aunty (can be used as a respect thing for non family members too)
Theo = uncle (see above)
Tsigaro = cigarette
Vouti = the act of dipping bread into juice
Yiayia = granny
Xorkati = villager
Zoumi = juice

Erm apologies for the crudeness of some of these but hey, I'm just keeping it real/Greek for ya! Will update this post at regular intervals when new words pop into my head! 


  1. I tried reading some articles...but it seems to me this talks about stereotypical Greeks. Anyways, I'll ignore that and just say bravo for the work in this blog. By the way, "bravo" is an Italian word :)

  2. Buddy, this is all mostly Cypriot glossary, not Greek.

  3. Cypress was founded by Greeks! Poutana can also mean bitch

  4. I thought tsigatta was cigarettes?


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