Monday, 28 February 2011

Greek Weddings - the big fat build up!

OK, so now let's go back a step to the big build up of the wedding.

There is more to a wedding than the party bit that everyone seems to fixate on! There's a LOT that goes on behind the scenes that you don't see unless you are actively involved in the wedding.

It can take years to plan any wedding, but with Greeks everyone has to get involved! The bride's parents are traditionally the ones who pay for everything which subsequently makes them think that gives them the right to have things their way - especially regarding the guest list! (Read Greek Weddings - who are these people?! for more about that!)

So, once the wedding has been planned and the big day has arrived, our lovely traditions entail a huge 'getting ready' palava which is all caught on camera for both the bride and groom.

Both the bride and groom are in their parents' homes surrounded by their family and koumeres/koumparous (best women/men). The men are dressed and shaved with a bouzouki player singing traditional songs the whole time and then the best man is the one to shave the groom and then help him get dressed. Afterwards, there's a little big of a boogie with the bouzouki player and the family too!

The videographer and the bouzouki player then shimmy onto the bride to be's home where there are other rituals that take place! She gets her hair and makeup done, then the ladies who have been trained in putting on the bride's dress (yes sometimes it needs practice!) do their bit. Once she is ready, she comes downstairs with the playing bouzouki dude, and important members of her family get a red cloth and wrap it 3 times around the bride's waist.

This is a symbol to bless her womb so that she will bare children. (The groom also has his ritual with the sash too at his house, don't worry!) It is a very emotional moment seeing a bride's parents blessing their daughter to have children and knowing that she is about to enter a new important phase of her life away from them, can be very overwhelming for the family and there are usually lots of tears and frustrated women with mascara running down their face at this point... 

Depending on where you are from there are other rituals that are done, list some of the ones you know about in the comments below!

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