Sunday, 27 February 2011

Greek pets?

I learnt from a very early age how Greeks feel about 'pets'...

From as early as I can remember, I would visit my yiayia's house in her village where she would be breeding bunnies! I used to love cuddling the little baby bunnies and having them fall asleep in my arms... Oh how I loved playing with them!

File:Rabbit small.JPG

Yeh, until I realised that they were being bred in order to slaughter them for meat!?! That was my first reality hit that actually, Greeks don't see animals as pets... they see animals as FOOD. I was mortified and wanted to rescue all the babies and take them home with me... They all thought I was mad. In fact, I loved bunnies so much that I refused to eat them (that didn't go down well with my family!) One day my family had made this lovely food and put some meat on my plate telling me it was chicken. I ate some, then I was informed it was in fact, rabbit... how cruel! I admit I eat rabbit now - it's not worth the hassle you get from your yiayia!

My cousins also had a pet rabbit that they loved. They came home one to day to find my uncle dangling the poor thing over a pan of boiling water! It's ok though, they managed to save the bunny!

Pet dogs are common amongst some men, and believe it or not, they don't eat them - shock horror! But again, it's so they can take them hunting for FOOD. Pretty much everything revolves around food really, doesn't it!

File:Hunter and dog.jpg

What are your experiences of pets? Were you even allowed any in your house? Share your stories below!

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