Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Greek Guests

So your family have told you they're coming to visit. (No, that's not rude... you're lucky they didn't just turn up on your doorstep expecting to stay over for a week!)
File:Cloth Suitcase.jpg
Having your relatives coming to stay is a funny experience... Depending on how much notice you are given, the mother probably runs around the house, tidying up and preparing somewhere for them to sleep.

You go pick them up at the airport with about 20 of your family members all running up to each other hugging and kissing, completely blocking the airport up until you are asked to move along.

Running away from the city

You take them back to your house, where there is always food ready (most likely avgolemoni soup) and some kafe. Then the suitcases open and out comes some presents (maybe a hand knitted scarf your yiayia made for all the grandchildren?) and then comes the authentic Greek food. Not that we couldn't get it elsewhere, but it's different when it comes from your family's village. Halloumi, olives, natural pressed olive oil, etc..

File:Halloumi-1.jpgFile:Olives vertes.JPG

After all that, then comes the every day living with the guests... if there is another woman who has come to visit, be prepared for the mother to get very put out if she tries to take over her kitchen and start cooking and making coffee for everyone. It is a big insult to a Greek woman to do that! But then Greek guests don't act like normal guests.. they feel they have to take part and help cook and clean and may even start serving you! What are some of your funny stories of guests visiting you? Leave your comments below!

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