Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Greek discussions...

OK so we all know the Greeks are the masters of philosophy. We get deep into conversations and get very passionate about what we are discussing. It all sounds so deep and meaningful doesn't it...! Here's our one and only Aristotle having a deep philosophical discussion:

So, particularly if you are a non Greek, you would expect that visiting your Greek friends and looking forward to a deep discussion would be an exciting prospect! You hope to leave inspired and feeling very thoughtful...

However, the reality is quite different... Although what they are talking about will be very interesting, you will probably find yourself distracted from the conversation and want to either hide or call for back up:

To the untrained eye, it will probably look like that very friendly and hospitable family you were enjoying the company of earlier, are all suddenly screaming at each other at the same time whilst waving their arms around with strong emphatic gestures, not letting anyone else get a word in edge ways! And as there are likely to be more than 20 people there at a time, it can look quite crazy!

Greeks have an interesting way of discussing... they don't let one person have their turn with everyone's attention at a time; if you want to get your point across you gotta be able to scream the loudest! It's normal to Greeks and you have to learn to shout if you want to be heard but to the 'xeni' guests it looks like they're about to throttle one another. 

But don't worry, it'll be back to laughs, hugs and cheek squeezing in no time!

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