Friday, 25 February 2011

The Greek House

You can tell when you are in a Greek house, almost instantaneously!

For one, they seem to have a distinct aroma... especially the grandparents house! It's usually a yummy food smell... You will also notice Greek religious icons and crosses in every room. To a Greek this is normal and expected. To a non-Greek you may feel as though you have walked into a converted Greek church! 

Every now and then when something bad happens and we feel we need extra protection, we run around to every icon in the house and do 3 rings of a special smoke around the icons. 

You will also notice that there is an abundance of food in a Greek house. The food topic deserves a post all of it's own which I will do in the future. But in the meantime, a Greeks house will normally have more than one fridge and freezer (you might find the backups in the basement and garage). This picture looks so empty compared to how a Greeks is!

fridge interior

A Greek's home is usually full of lots of people and therefore is very lively and noisy! Please refer back to my post on Greek Discussions to know why that normally is...!

Greeks usually have special rooms set up especially for the guests. (as I have said many times, Greeks like to show off therefore have certain things left immaculate!)
There is normally a special 'saloni' sitting room which you're never allowed to be caught in unless you're hosting a party. There might be precious heirlooms such as authentic animal rugs (don't even think about getting squeamish about stuff like that if you're going to be with the Greeks) and special antique china, not forgetting more religious icons!

Sheep skin texture 4

Greek houses are normally kept in pristine condition and are cleaned very regularly as most mothers are brought up to be very house proud, especially if they're expecting guests as people will gossip if there is a layer of dust on the table (please refer back to the Greek Gossip post to understand more about that!)

What are your experiences of visiting Greeks or what is your home like? Let me know below!

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