Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Greek Gossip

Greeks love to gossip; it's not just the women either! Greeks spend a lot of their time talking about other people, which makes a private life next to impossible with everyone's nose in your business. They say it's because they care...

Because Greeks seem to know almost every other Greek, gossip can spread like wildfire. Not just amongst your immediate family, but it can reach your family on the other side of the globe within minutes! Now that's not such a problem if it's good news that is spreading, but sometimes the most ridiculous rumours can come out of the smallest things!

If someone sees you out at the bouzoukia dancing with girls, it will get back that you are a drunk who is not respecting women, if you hug one of your friends then you may run the risk of your family thinking that you have a new partner they don't know about... 

and if you choose to live on your own for a while and your family have written you off as a spinster who never wants to get married!

When at a family gathering, it's the prime time for the gossiping to take place as lots of the family is together. Most of the men are probably off making the souvla and eating it as it cooks having their own gossip (maybe who shot the most wood pigeon that day, and who played really badly...) 

...and most of the women are all sat together having their own good gossip! "Who is trying for a baby but can't get pregnant? Which son got the new Mercedes and has crashed it already? Which aunt got the big house in the will and why didn't her sister get anything?"

It doesn't help that your relatives or family friends probably live on the same road as you, so you might find people spying on you through the window or listening through the walls, and it will get back to your family that you invited a guest home at 9.05pm last night or that you and your partner were having a row and throwing plates at each other...! 

There is no such thing as a private life when you're Greek! But on the plus side, when you're Greek you've got at least 100 people who will have your back in any situation!

What are your experiences of gossipy Greeks?


  1. I can't stand gossiping greek family members. They're the devil. Lol be gone you jezebel gossiping witches! ��

    (Don't mind the dramaticism)

  2. Their women are the worst. They make up stories and dreadful ones as they go along. The ugliest things come out of their mouths.

  3. The worst bunch of gossipers I have come across. They can literally destroy someone with their false rumours...and if they don't like you well then good luck to you as they will come up with every possible shit false rumour just to make that person look bad. I've noticed that although gossiping is very bad amongst the Greeks, the British are just as bad if not more vindictive in soreading their vile false rumours usually created out of pure jealousy to the person they want to hurt.


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