Friday, 3 May 2013

Greek Easter - Good Friday

So it's Holy Week and the countdown to the biggest religious event for Greeks begins! On Thursday night is when eggs are dyed.

Usually they are dyed red to symbolise Jesus' blood, but other colours are also used these days. Every Greek home will have their special little basket with coloured eggs in and these will remain untouched until Sunday morning!

Tonight will be the Epitafio where we go to church late at night and walk with Jesus' 'tomb' around the local area, mourning his death. Of course it is a serious occasion for Greeks, but Church night definitely has its comical moments, and seeing as 'Typical Greek' covers the entertaining aspects of the Greek culture, forgive me for wanting to share that side of it! Stay tuned on twitter to be kept up to date with 'Epitafio Problems'! (No offense intended).

Come back for more on Easter celebrations this weekend!

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