Monday, 29 April 2013

Holy Week 2013!

So it's Holy Week... the *real* one,  not the premature Easter that the 3eni had a month ago...

Be prepared for some grumpy Greeks this week. For some, they would have been fasting for weeks already but that takes a lot of dedication and self control and is usually undertaken by the hardcore yeri (old peeps). The 3eni usually just give up "something" for lent, like chocolate... but Greeks need to sacrifice something really important to them - meat!

For those Greeks who are just starting their fast for Holy Week or coming in for the home stretch, they will most likely be going vegan. Although we do it for noble reasons, it does bring with it a heavy heart of dread of our 'meat free week'... I guess that's the point though isn't it! Also makes the feast all the more sweet!

When a Greek doesn't get their meat, stay out of their way! What vegan meals are you preparing for Holy Week?

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