Sunday, 5 May 2013

Greek Easter 2013

Xristos Anesti to the Greeks! Christ is risen!

So last night was Church night again for midnight mass. That meant more standing around with candles and waiting until midnight to commemorate the time when Christ rose from the dead.

This is where the candle is meant to be taken from the church and to your home without it being extinguished. The flame from the Church on this day is holy and is thought to be a great blessing if taken into your home. So all the peeps coming home drunk from the bars last night were not hallucinating if they saw cars glowing as they drove past... Nor was that drive thru cashier imagining things as the glowing car approached their window. It is highly likely that you may end up with candle wax on your car seats though, so beware!

Seeing as it is after midnight, technically the fast can be broken so generally there is a mini feast ready for when you get back from Church, some nice augolemoni always goes down well! Those lovely eggs we dyed a few days ago can also get smashing too!

And then there is Sunday where the mass "Xristos Anesti / Alithos Anesti" texts get sent to all your Greek contacts on your phone and then you prepare for the biggest feast of the year! Of course, this tends to consist of meat, meat and even more meat. You may need a nap from the meat coma...

I hope all those celebrating Easter today have an amazing day and take the opportunity for a fresh start, like Jesus did :)

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