Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Typical Greek House?

So... having seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding (a few hundred times of course) and cracking up at the sight of the infamous house, I honestly thought they were just being a bit melodramatic for the sake of the film...

I enjoyed it; thought it was a funny touch! But, having been driving merrily down a road today I stopped at some lights and looked out the window... To my shock/delight(?) I found a very typical Greek house! People must have thought me slightly mad for grinning and pointing at this house to my passengers yelling, "wow look how Greek it is!!". I swear, this house was fantastic. It had the traditional massive Greek columns, it had the blue and white garage, it had the fancy ornaments and stained glass door (sorry if this happens to be your house I am describing by the way...!) I loved it!

I came home and decided to actually Google "big fat Greek house" for fun, and I found this and wanted to share it:

OK so the house I saw was a bit more toned down than this, but I still thought it was funny how it stands out so obviously, especially to the Greeks! And even funnier at how excited we get over it, or is that just me..?

So, what does your house have about it that makes it "Typical Greek?"

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  1. I haven't been allowed to go over the top with some of my ideas to "decorate" the front or back yards with sculptures of Aphrodite or my beautiful big Nike of Samothraki. I like to think of myself as more of a Hellenephile since there isn't a drop of Greek blood in my family. But, I've long been fascinated by the art and architecture of Ancient Greece. Still, I have a few shelves of statuary and sculpture that were lucky finds from eBay, thrift stores and the occasional gift. I'm still waiting for the time that my friend will finally relent and let me at least set up the Nike above a flower bed. ;-)


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