Monday, 30 May 2011

Greek Gardens

If you live in a Greek country then you probably grow a lot of your own food from your garden; typical Greek independence, living off the land!

However, if you are living in a different country, you probably have "Greekified" your gardens to make you feel more at home...

I bet you own your own vineyard. You like to sit out there in the summer, perfectly comfortable in the shade whilst drinking a nice cold Keo. Although it might not be the right climate to grow any grapes, you still have a nice full bush of vine leaves which the women love to pick off to make their koubebia.
You may also have your own fig tree. The men like to climb them to pick off all the nice juicy 'siga' and serve them to their guests as a nice post feast treat - proudly showing off that they grew them themselves.
And for those of you who might not have their own garden... I bet you still have a mini plant which grows oranges or something out on the balcony or kitchen window, just to keep that little bit of the Greek Garden with you!
Finally, if you don't have one already, get yourself a Jasmine plant to add the finishing touch of Greekness to your home! You can take a Greek out of Greece/Cyprus, but they'll just bring it along with them..!

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