Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Religious Mannerisms - let it rain!

Goodness me, signomi for not posting in such a long time!

Right, today's post is a continuation of the last post of Religious Mannerisms... I ended the last one with a preview of yiayia waking you up in her own special way; so here it is, much awaited for I'm sure.

Many Greek people have probably experienced this. You're having a well deserved lay in on Sunday morning (and by lay in that means it's probably only about 9am...). 
You are enjoying your nice warm, cosy bed and a pleasant dream. Randomly, you think you hear your bedroom door open and maybe a creek on your floor boards... but you ignore it and carry on in dream land, probably thinking about the upcoming souvla that day. 

Suddenly, you feel water droplets splattering over your face. You try to ignore it and keep dreaming, but it isn't stopping! You eventually force your eyelids open and let out an annoyed groan. Right in front of you, you see your yiayia standing over you dipping a bunch of leafy twigs into some water and splatting them all over your face. You try and shield yourself from the water but she shouts at you for doing that, as it's holy water and you should be grateful! 
Once you're up, she spins around and starts splatting around the rest of your room too. In your half asleep state, you sit and watch water marks appear on the mirrors, your paper work and letters on your desk get wet, and let's not get started on the state of your hair...

But at least you have been blessed! She will then waddle around the rest of the house and bless everything and everyone in it, even annoying your poor pet cat...


  1. Hello! Does the frequency of your posting depend on specific things or you work on blog articles when you have a special mood or you create in case you have time? Can't wait to hear from you.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I like to update the blog regularly and whenever I feel particularly inspired to write!


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