Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Grenglish/Greeklish Language

Grenglish or Greeklish, is a language that has developed by Greeks who don't necessarily live in Greece or Cyprus so they mix up their English and Greek! The best thing about it, is that there are no rules!! Words are often made up to sound "Greeky", and sentences are often mixed with both laugages. (NB some of these are known to be Cypriot slang!)

Read and observe some examples below:

Steki - Steak
Baso - Bus
Mersendez - Mercedes
Panjero - Pajero
Mangas - cool guy
Ketro - Kettle
Mobilo - Mobile
Itsorait - It's alright
Xaallo - Hello
Eniksero - I don't know
Tazijis - Taxi driver

Basically, people take the English work and "Greekify" it! It can be done with absolutely anything. Give it a go below!
Give me a word, aaaany word and I make it Greek for you!

You can also make sentences in Grenglish like this:

"Ela re, do you want to have some steki popse?"
"Vale to ketro pano, i want some chai"

"Aman, she's a right mounara"
"Look at him, he thinks he's a right manga, what a malaka..."
"Come on re, let's take my dad's Mersendez out and find some kopeles"
"Go pas to Facebook sou and find him"

And there are many, many, many more... I see people doing it all the time on twitter as well so I know you guys do it too!

What Greeklish/Grenglish words or phrases do you find yourselves using? Share them below!

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