Saturday, 6 October 2012

How To Cheer Yourself Up... Greek Style!

We all have our down days, though if you're Greek they're probably more 'raging mad' days but whatever! Here is a list of things I came up with to help cheer yourself up, Greek style!

1) Eat something. Preferably Greek food. Fried greasy meat of some kind tends to do the trick.

2) Go visit yiayia. Not only will she cook for you if you're too lazy or unable to, but her classic one liners will have you in stitches in no time! 

3) Read TypicalGreek twitter. You know you will find something there that will make you laugh!

4) Put on some Greek music and dance. The vareto is a good one as you can release all that Greek passion! Eh, seeing as you're meant to look drunk anyway when dancing, have a few whiskies as well.

5) If you're a woman, frantically clean and vacuum the entire house with the rage of a Spartan and then yell at anyone who dares try to use your clean toilet. You'll feel better after screaming for a while.

6) Go for a nice drive, and yes you can yell at people for being "poushties" and "malakes" if they get in your way.

7) Watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

8) Buy a new Mercedes or BMW. Or at least rent one for the day and drive around like a poser... make sure you have Greek tunes blaring out too.

9) If you're a guy, go Gini (hunting) for some male bonding and drool over the fases (wood pigeon).

10) Sing your heart out while imagining you are at the bouzoukia with people throwing flowers at you.

11) Go to the bouzoukia! But stick to drinking and dancing, or your attempt to steal the microphone may get you kicked out, #JustSaying.

12) Meet up with that 3eni friend you have called Vilos, just so you can laugh to yourself every time you say his name.

13) Meet up with your Greek friends and go to a really 3eni area and bitch about everyone really loudly in Greek.

14) Teach your 3eni friends Greek swear words.

15) Teach your 3eni friends the incorrect meaning of swear words and insist that "Eisai vilomatos" really does mean "I'd like some more bread please".

16) If you don't live in Greece or Cyprus, spend hours looking at photos of the motherland and dream about being there.

17) Eat something else. Try something sweet this time like loukoumades...

18) Ask papou about his stories from the village. With any luck they should get you snoring away in no time.

19) Hide your sister's facial bleach then sit back and enjoy the drama.

20) Watch some really bad Greek T.V. The acting is so horrendous that whatever problems you have will seem so small in comparison! 

I hope these gave you some 'Greekspiration' of ways to cheer yourself up! Don't forget, no matter how bad you think things are, some people have it worse; some people aren't lucky enough to be Greek after all! 


  1. until now, i still wonder what "vilomatos" means... please please tell me...

    1. Haha... ummm... probably not appropriate to write the definition here!


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