Sunday, 27 May 2012

Greek-o-vision 2012!

So last night was the Eurovision for 2012, and this year we were lucky enough to have both Greece and Cyprus representing the Greeks!
First up was Ivi Adamou with her "La La Love" performance, and all the 'Twitterakia' agreed she did an amazing performance! Her song was catchy, bubbly and fun to watch. See it here:

And then we had Eleftheria Eleftheriou performing "Aphrodisiac". It was great to hear the Greek beat and see the Greek dancing in her performance as well. Another fun, bubbly performance agreed by all!

Both girls did an amazing job and should be proud of themselves. They were definitely the winners in the looks department of the competition, that's for sure! On Twitter last night, we were all outraged at the voting and there was a real sense of conspiracy...  At least both Cyprus and Greece gave one another 12 points though, can always count on that loyalty!

Hopefully next year we will both be in the competition again and do some more amazing performances and one day bring the show back to Greece (well, maybe not in this current financial climate lol) or to Cyprus (for the first time ever!). Although I think it would be nice to have some more native instruments, dances or lyrics in our performances in the future though! 

So what are your comments on the Eurovision last night and how do you think our girls did? 

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