Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Big Fat Greek Mercedes

What is it with Greeks and their 'Mecendes'? (Yes, that is the Greek way of pronouncing it..!) It's like a cult thing; all Greeks have to own one apparently. I guess it represents their status, wealth and class! Hey, even our taxis are Mercedes!

The Mercedes is the car that escorts the family to special events or anywhere where there are going to be lots of people; you know, so they can show off!

The Mercedes is the car that the father will drive to escort the daughter to the church on her wedding day (no, she doesn't get a say in it). The Greek man's Mercedes is also the car that will take its place clogging up the whole street of other Mercedes Benz who are currently visiting the same Greek family. 
(Yeh, 3eni neighbours hate it when we do that... They forgive us on BBQ Sundays though when they're given free food! Ftines... Anyway back to the point!)

So how can you tell if it a Mercedes is owned by a Greek? Well, to start with Greeks are probably the ones who own about 90% of them to start with so the odds are pretty high haha but more distinctively you can firstly look out for a fancy number plate: "SPYR05", "E1EN1" "CYPRU5" etc.

You will also find the best anti theft device any vehicle can ever have; a cross, evil eye and icona swinging hypnotically from the mirror to frighten off any potential thieves!

Finally, you can spot a Greek Merc by the loud shifteteli blowing up the speakers, the hairy arm hanging out of the window (that goes for any gender....) and clicking fingers to the music. Then there's the puff of cigarette smoke swirling out the tinted windows, accompanied by the wreckless driving (because they're running late) and complete disregard of any rules of the road!

Ahh to be a Greek Mercedes owner... it's the only way to drive!

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