Sunday, 25 December 2011

Καλά Χριστούγεννα! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my Typical Greek family!

So what's a typical Greek Christmas like... where to begin? Well, Christmas eve preparations are likely to be hectic. Crazy. Loud. Stressful. As usual...! The aunties and women of the family will be frantically cooking and preparing everything ready for the big feast(s) on Christmas day. The kitchen will be madness; aunties screaming at each other they are making the melomakarona all wrong and insisting their way is better. They will then force feed members of the family with the typical Greek treats such as kourambiedes, baklava, melomakarona etc.

Christmas day will be crazy.. If you are the lucky family who won the argument to host the party this year then your house will be madness all morning preparing the feasts not forgetting the cleaning. Everyone has been told to get there by 2pm so in typical Greek fashion everyone arrives at about 4pm. The neighbours get irritated as the whole road gets blocked up by cars (at least they're mostly Mercedes, enen!) Then before you barely even walked through the door and kissed every person in the room on the cheeks, out comes the food. Then the alcohol, more food, some dessert, then some more food later on in the evening.

My goodness, it is loud... and as people drink more, it gets louder! Then the poor kids are dragged into the centre of the living room as Greek music is blasted out and they are forced to dance with yiayia and pappou whilst everyone is drunkenly cheering and clapping.

Now don't worry, there may be a rare down time where things are nice and chilled out for a while. If you manage to sneak in a cheeky nap you will probably soon be woken up by yiayia poking you and stuffing more food in front of your face. You may sit around and play a nice game of tavli with pappou or maybe some kounka? If you start betting with money it will get loud again though, be warned! The party will keep going all night long as let's face it, Greeks know how to party!

Thanks to all the TypicalGreek twitterakia family who kept us all entertained with their funny Greek Christmas experiences today!
I hope you have all had an amazing day and that it was full of food, music, shouting, alcohol, cards, family, food, food and food! 

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